DataX Lab

- Publications (of DataX's students)

  • Book Chapters (in reverse chronological order)
    1. D. Gharana, S. Suh, and M. Kang, "Gender classification using deep learning", Big Data and Visual Analytics, 2017 - In progress
  • Journals (in reverse chronological order)
    1. N. Zarayeneh, E. Ko, J.H. Oh, S. Suh, C. Liu, J. Gao, D. Kim, and M. Kang, "Integration of Multi-omics Data for Integrative Gene Regulatory Network Inference," International Journal of Data Mining and Bioinformatics, 2017 - Accepted
  • Conference Proceedings (in reverse chronological order)
    1. E. Ko, M. Kang, H. Chang, and D. Kim, "Graph-theory Based Simplification Techniques for Efficient Biological Network Analysis," Proceedings of Big Data Security, A IEEE BigDataService 2017 Workshop, Accepted, 2017
    2. N. Zarayeneh, J. H. Oh, D. Kim, C. Liu, J. Gao, S. C. Suh, and M. Kang, "Integrative Gene Regulatory Network Inference Using Multi-omics Data," Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Bioinformatics & Biomedicine (IEEE BIBM 2016), pp. 1336-1340, 2016